Software for efficient district heating network planning

Empowering you to efficiently design
future-proof district heating networks

Why Comsof Heat

As demand for sustainable energy is growing, district heating system rollouts are gaining steam.

To support this evolution, we developed Comsof Heat: GIS based automated planning and design software for district heating networks.

This tool makes it easy to speed up the planning process and build a solid business case.

comsof heat bill of materials

Build your business case

Build a strong district heating business cases by comparing multiple scenarios. Create high level masterplans for large areas. Discover the best clusters to deploy your network and select the most interesting customers without exceeding the source capacity.

Comsof heat design

Gain valuable insights

Get detailed insights in your network design, capital cost and material need with the automated GIS-analysis of Comsof Heat. The software provides considerable more reliable capital cost calculations than manual designs, for only a fraction of the invested labor hours.

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Save time and money

Bring realistic network design capabilities to your project at a high speed. This way you massively increase estimation accuracy and save time. Our goal is to support the end-to-end design of your district heating network.

Case study

Rotterdam Engineering handles bigger projects with Comsof Heat

With the help of Comsof Heat, DHC planning and design software, Rotterdam Engineering was able to deliver a comprehensive study on time and in great detail.

Over Morgen
Rob Geldhof
Energy consultant at Over Morgen
With the automated GIS-analysis of Comsof Heat, we get quick and affordable insights in network design, capital cost and material need


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