Software empowering you to efficiently design future-proof heating networks

Why Comsof Heat?

As demand for sustainable energy is growing, district heating system rollouts are gaining steam. To support this evolution, Comsof developed Comsof Heat: GIS based automated planning and design software for district heating networks. This tool makes it easy to speed up the planning process and build a solid business case.

Please read our press release on Comsof Heat for more information.

Comsof Heat delivers

  • The tools to make a strong business cases by comparing multiple scenarios.
  • Compatibility with GIS applications and Google Earth or Google Street View.
  • Flexible software that saves time and provides the optimal solution.
  • Insights to discover the best clusters to deploy your network.
  • The ability to create high level masterplans for large areas.
  • The means to select the most interesting customers without exceeding the source capacity

We guarantee

Accurate figures

Generate detailed deployment cost insights. Reliable numbers that strengthen your business case and minimize risks.

Professional support

When you’re in need of help, we will find a solution together. Our world-class engineers have experience with more than 200 projects.


Stay in full control over your project. Our tools empower you to produce results at your own pace, with your own design rules.

Quick results

Quickly create multiple design scenarios and realize huge time savings with our easy-to-use software.

Case study

  • Rotterdam Engineering is a key player in the DHC sector, and has lots of expertise in this field
  • Fluvius, a utility infrastructure firm asked the company to execute a DHC feasibility study for about 14.000 potential customers, with a tight deadline
  • With the help of Comsof Heat, Rotterdam Engineering was able to deliver a comprehensive study on time and in great detail

Our Clients

Product availability

Comsof Heat is Comsof’s latest addition to its product portfolio, now released for the global market.
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