Software empowering you to efficiently design future-proof networks

Plan, design and engineer FTTx networks

Are you in for a challenging FTTx enterprise? With Comsof’s flexible FTTx software platform, we give you the tools you need. Powered by GIS data, Comsof Fiber (formerly FiberPlanIT) enables you to define and finetune your FTTx strategy and to swiftly design and engineer the network exactly how you want it.

Plan and design district energy networks

District energy networks, also known as district heating and cooling (DHC) networks, will be essential in the current energy transition. Comsof Heat supports network operators, engineering firms and consulting companies in the planning and design of DHC networks.

Our R&D program

Groundbreaking network planning solutions

Comsof’s R&D program aims to bring the groundbreaking automation and optimisation power of Comsof Fiber to the planning and design of other utility networks. Current R&D projects include the development of solutions for power grids and smart grids.

Call for industry partners

Comsof is inviting network developers, engineering firms and consultancy firms to join us as partners to co-create these new planning and design tools. The aim is to make use of expert knowledge in the field and to collaborate on finetuning the conceptual framework and the technical details based on real-life use cases. Developments will be tested later in a proof of concept.

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