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We are proud to be the world leader in creating intelligent network planning and design software. With more than 20 years of experience in GIS-based optimization, Comsof’s team of world-class engineers has deployed its solutions in over 50 countries.

Our History

Comsof was founded in 1998. As a spin-off company of the world-renowned Intec information technology department of Ghent University. Today our team of over 30 engineers serve our clients from our offices in Gent, Belgium and Toronto, Canada.

Our flagship is Comsof Fiber, which has been used to design fiber networks covering more than 100 million homes. Our newest addition is Comsof Heat, planning and design software for district heating and cooling networks.

Make designs faster with our easy-to-use software. Get more reliable results thanks to our superior algorithms. Create the  designs you want based on our interactive tools. And stay in full control during the whole design process. 

Here’s what happened since 1998…


Comsof is founded with the idea of developing intelligent and innovative planning software for telecom networks. In those early days of rising internet traffic, capacity of backbone networks was being extended rapidly with the introduction of WDM (wavelength-division multiplexing). Comsof creates its first network planning tool, called WDMNetDesign, that can automatically design and optimise these networks.


Fiber-based superfast internet access networks is the future. The Comsof pioneers, one of them being our CEO Raf Meersman, realise this very early on. That is why in 2004 Comsof starts research on how to automate the planning and design of FTTx networks, shifting its focus from backbone to the “last-mile” networks.


After intense research, Comsof FiberPlanIT is born and Comsof completes its first successful international projects. Originally, the software is a tool for cost-modelling simulation. But its capabilities grow exponentially during the years after.


In 2011, Comsof showcases its first product demo during the FTTH Conference in Milan. And in 2012 we have our big breakthrough, with the launch of Comsof FiberPlanIT in Munich as a stand-alone software. This heralds our international expansion.


In 2015, we outgrew our office and move to our current location at Dok Noord in Ghent. In July 2016 we open our American hub in Toronto, Canada.


In December, Comsof Americas moves to a larger office to make room for more engineers. Another proud moment in 2018 is the launch of Comsof Heat, software to plan and design district heating networks.

Comsof keeps on investing in innovation. As we aim to become the go-to company for smart planning and design software for future-proof fiber and utility networks.


In January, we launch our new website and FiberPlanIT is officially rebranded to Comsof Fiber. In this same month we release a new version of the software.

Comsof is always one step ahead, that is why it partners up with Siradel to plan & design 5G networks.

We keep on growing and investing in our enigineers. Six new people join our teams in Ghent and Toronto this year.

Comsof Americas
The Comsof Americas team moved to a larger office in 2019
Jonas Van Nieuwenberg

“In a mere three years I grew from consultant to developer and then to lead developer. And it doesn’t stop there. We are developing several other software solutions, for district heating for example, and smart grids.”

Jonas Van Nieuwenberg
Head of R&D

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This is us

Raf Meersman Comsof

Raf Meersman

Thomas De Praetere Comsof

Thomas De Praetere
Software Engineer

bram naudts comsof

Bram Naudts
Software Engineer

onne beek comsof

Onne Beek
Software Engineer

Elger Vercayie comsof

Elger Vercayie
Legal Advisor

Josha Ancheta
Client Success Engineer

ben wright comsof

Ben Wright
Software Engineer

Chinmay Sharma

Chinmay Sharma
Client Success Engineer

jonas verstuyft comsof

Jonas Verstuyft
Comsof Fiber Product Manager

Kevin Wynne
Head of Comsof Americas

Melissa Geyssens Comsof

Melissa Geyssens
Managing Assistant

tom van herck comsof

Tom Van Herck
Software Engineer

Abram Schoutteet comsof

Abram Schoutteet
Software Engineer

Gustav Janssens
Comsof Fiber Design Expert

bart vandersteen comsof

Bart Vandersteen
Test Engineer

Jolie Yu
Client Success Engineer

Julia Faricini comsof

Julia Faracini
Client Success Engineer

kurt marlein comsof

Kurt Marlein
Comsof Heat Product Manager

xavier smet comsof

Xavier Smet
Key Account Manager

Ian Fleming
Client Success Engineer

Kristof Dhondt comsof

Kristof Dhondt
Software Engineer

Jonas Vannieuwenberg comsof

Jonas Vannieuwenberg
Head of R&D

Sahel Sahhaf
Software Engineer

wouter dhondt comsof

Wouter D’Hondt
Software Engineer

Anant Singh
Software Engineer

philippe durant comsof

Philippe Durand
Software Engineer

jeroen vanhaverbeke comsof

Jeroen Vanhaverbeke
Head of Client Delivery

Vasileia Vogiatzi
Sales & Partner Manager EMEA & APAC

Bregt Timmerman

Bregt Timmerman
Marketing Communications Manager

Tinka Van de Geuchte
HR Advisor

Maxime Fernandez Alonso comsof

Maxime Fernandez Alonso
Software Engineer

Jonathan Saraco
Software Engineer

Maika Logie
Finance Assistant

Tom Paridaens
Software Engineer

Emiel De Spiegeleer
Software Engineer

Wouter Van Steenbrugge

Wouter Van Steenberge
Software Engineer R&D

Kelly Fournier
Head of Client Acquisition

Friedl Rubrecht
Software Engineer

Daniel Indrigo
Software Lead

Kurt Devlaminck
Project Manager

Floor Van de Steene
Software Engineer

Luka Van Eeckhoutte
Software Engineer

Martijn Gevaert
Software Engineer

Aaron Cooper
Sales and Partnerships Manager

Joseph Jebamalai
Software Engineer