20 years of Comsof: thank you!

Today, Comsof has 32 employees, two offices, completed over 200 projects worldwide, and is active in more than 50 countries. But how did we come to this point? It all started 20 years ago, in October 1998. As a spin-off company of the world-renowned Intec information technology department of Ghent University.


What happened during these past years? Let’s have a look.


Comsof is founded in 1998 with the idea of developing intelligent and innovative planning software for telecom networks. In those early days of rising internet traffic, capacity of backbone networks was being extended rapidly with the introduction of WDM (wavelength-division multiplexing). Comsof creates its first network planning tool, called WDMNetDesign, that can automatically design and optimise these networks.


Fiber-based superfast internet access networks is the future. The Comsof pioneers, one of them being our CEO Raf Meersman, realise this very early on. That is why in 2004 they start research on how to automate the planning and design of FTTX networks, shifting their focus from backbone to the “last-mile” networks.


After intense research, Comsof FiberPlanIT is born and Comsof completes its first successful international projects in 2008. Originally, the software is a tool for cost-modelling simulation. But its capabilities grow exponentially during the years after.


Three years later, in 2011, Comsof showcases its first product demo during the FTTH Conference in Milan. And in 2012 we have our big breakthrough, with the launch of Comsof FiberPlanIT in Munich as a stand-alone software. This heralds our international expansion.


In 2015, we outgrow our office and move to our current location at Dok Noord in Ghent. In July 2016 we open our North-American hub in Toronto, Canada.


This year in December, Comsof Americas moves to a larger office space to make room for more engineers. Another proud moment in 2018 is the launch of Comsof Heat, software to plan and design district heating networks.

With Comsof Heat, and the future development of Comsof Smart, for smart grid communications networks, and Comsof Power, for power distribution, Comsof is becoming the go-to company for smart planning and design software for future-proof fiber and utility networks.

20 years of growth at Comsof. So many milestones. This was worth celebrating.

So, we all went away for the weekend in October this year, together with our families. It turned out the Comsof family is a big one. 43 grownups and 13 kids joined the celebrations. We bonded over dinner, brunch and during our walks in nature. And as we are a quite sporty group, we played games on the beach and in the sea. Rafting, supping, falling off the banana boat, you name it. And we ended in style, with a barbeque by the coast for the whole gang.

Thank you for trusting our engineers and our software. We are ready for another 20 years!