We wish you happy holidays!

And we are ready for 2020

2020 is just around the corner. But before we all indulge on lavish meals and open up presents we hopefully like, let us take a step back and share some 2019 Comsof highlights.

We continue our growth

Both Comsof offices got a serious upgrade this year. Our Toronto office moved to a bigger place with a fantastic view of the CN Tower, and Comsof Ghent doubled its office space. This was not a luxury decision, as we welcomed nine exceptionally talented new colleagues this year, to keep up with our growing projects.

Comsof Americas

We traveled around the world

Throughout the year we were invited to take center stage at conferences in all corners of the world. At the FTTH Conference in Amsterdam, Fiber Connect in Nashville, the FTTH Conference MENA in Egypt, the FTTx Conference in Johannesburg, Connected Britain in the UK, Gigabit Access in Cologne and at the FITCE Conference in Ghent.

We also launched our Comsof Fiber Certification Program. This is an official one-week training and exam on how to get the most out of the many Comsof Fiber capabilities. There is already great interest in future editions, so its success in 2020 is assured with a new date set in February. Contact us if you are interested!

The year of Comsof Heat

Comsof Heat, our software to plan and design district heating networks is showing continuous growth in clients and projects since its release late 2018. This year, Comsof Heat was already shortlisted for an innovation award by the ADE in the UK. And the open trainings were a hit, its latest edition was attended by 20 people, from all over Europe.

We are happy more and more companies and municipalities are starting to use this tool to improve their district heating network business case and deploy a more realistic and optimal network.

We are all looking forward to a promising 2020. And we hope you and your company are able to look back on an equally positive year.

Let us design an unforgettable 2020 together!