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White paper: Reusing existing infrastructure in network designs

Reusing existing equipment such as PIA in the UK has potential, but adds considerable complexity to the network design.

Design automation software such as Comsof Fiber can help tackle these issues by automating and optimizing the planning and design processes of fibre network deployments. Discover how in this new white paper.

Download the paper here:

White paper: Rapid geothermal district heating assessments in rural USA

In 2019, the US Department of Energy revealed GeoVision. This study found that investment in district heating can push installations to 17,500 systems by 2050.

How to rapidly design these heat networks for development? One of the most difficult of these locations to develop are the sparsely populated towns, adjacent to low-temperature geothermal hot springs. In this paper, Nicholas Fry took on the rural challenge at a residential demonstration site in Helena, Montana.

Download the paper here:

White paper: A smart fiber network for smart cities

A smart city is about connecting all people, making their lives easier, richer. To accomplish this, it depends on flawless and rapid connectivity.

It is a complex venture to come up with a network providing this ‘omniconnectivity’. It can be costly if deployment is not well thought through. In this white paper we explain the importance of the planning stage in this network roll-out process.

Download the paper here:

White paper on FTTH-5G network convergence

With the introduction of 5G, heavy infrastructure investments are expected. Sharing infrastructure, such as between FTTH and 5G, is the perfect way to minimize costs.

Automated planning solutions can assist in creating these optimized and buildable networks. This paper explains how to generate up to 22% cost savings, by sharing network infrastructure.

Download the paper here:

Fiber to the Farm: a white paper on building a superfast rural network

Building a strong FTTH business case is not a picnic, let alone building a rural FTTH business case.

There are several possibilities to rollout superfast broadband connections in a rural area. And they all have their up- and downsides. We discuss every relevant technology in this paper. We also offer additional tips and tricks to minimize costs and strengthen your business case.

Download the paper here:

eBook: Multi-vendor collaboration: Bringing best-of-breed technologies together

Collaboration and collaborative environments using network management ecosystem, creating a solid foundation for flattening information data silos that work against profitability.

Through encouraging vendor collaboration, Service Providers can realize their strategic goals of open architectures, task automation, and accelerated workflows.

This is a joint initiative of 3-GIS, Vitruvi and Comsof.

Download the paper here:

White paper: why dedicated software improves your FTTx strategy

GIS-based automated software is a crucial factor in winning or losing the fixed line broadband game.

This whitepaper outlines the overall market drivers, key technologies and go-to-market considerations surrounding FTTx. It discusses the benefits and potential pitfalls of using dedicated software to define and fine-tune an FTTx strategy.

Download the paper here: