Comsof Fiber

  • Do you offer FTTx planning and design services?

    With years of experience in planning telecom networks, we offer software and consultancy services. Typically, we offer assistance for the following topics:

    • Preparation of your strategic business case: what are the costs and revenues of FTTH in your area?
    • Review of your design specifications: what are the best specifications on your area?
    • Specific FTTx projects like FTTA, FTTC, Smart Metering, Broadband over Power Line,…
  • How does Comsof Fiber work?

    Comsof Fiber is a software that uses GIS data like building locations and street center lines, to design an FTTx network according to your design specifications. The software runs locally on your computer so you have full control over the results.

  • What kind of clients do you work with?

    • Equipment vendors like TE Connectivity, Nexans, …
    • Telecom operators like Sky, Proximus, Telus, …
    • Engineering companies like LCC, in.ge.na, …
    • Consultancy service providers like Ernst&Young, Broadway Partners, …

    and everyone who has challenges with planning and design of their telecom network.
    Comsof Fiber has users from Canada up to New Zealand and everywhere in between.

  • What is the value of Comsof Fiber?

    The value of Comsof Fiber is directly related to the number of buildings that you need to plan or design:

    • Comsof Fiber saves on your cost per home passed.
    • Comsof Fiber saves on your design time per building.

    The ROI of the software is then easy to calculate: depending on your local deployment costs and local labour rates, you can calculate what Comsof Fiber could save for your organisation.

    Contact us, describe your project, and you will receive personal price quote.

  • Can the tool take different surface types into account (e.g. streets vs. green surface)?

    Yes, this is supported in the software. Different costs can be associated with each type of surface and the software will use this information when calculating the most cost-optimized network layout.

  • How can crossings be kept to a minimum in Comsof Fiber?

    Comsof Fiber will minimize the costs of the design and as such will minimize the (often more expensive) crossings.

  • What format do you define the business rules in?

    We provide a user interface with an extensive set of configuration parameters. The user can configure the architecture of the network and costs off all the equipment via this user interface. We used our experience from projects all around the world to extend the configuration parameters and as such an extensive set of deployment architectures come supported out of the box.

  • What type of splitting schemes are supported in Comsof Fiber?

    Comsof Fiber supports different splitter schemes where splitters can be located at the end point (home), drop point, distribution point (cabinet or manhole) or central office. Cascading of splitters is also supported (e.g. combining a splitter at the Central Office and the Distribution Point). We also support more complex rule-based splitter schemes: e.g. different splitting schemes depending on the size of a multi dwelling unit placing a particular splitter in the basement of the multi dwelling unit.

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