Plan & Design Constructible Fiber Optic Networks

Automate & Optimize the planning & design processes of FTTx network deployments. Save time, increase revenue.

Formerly known as FiberPlanIT

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Fast & Accurate

Create buildable fiber network designs with extreme precision and up to 90% faster.

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Easy to Integrate

Our software’s flexibility allows to integrate with any platform you may work with.

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You Call
the Shots

Stay in full control over your fiber network design process at all times.

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Optimze Investment

Save money by saving time and creating the right network designs from the start.

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Comparing Network Design Solutions

There are several ways to create fiber optic network designs. We believe there is only one future proof solution. OSP automation software such as Comsof Fiber helps planners and designers work more quickly and accurate. Resulting in a stronger business case and better and consistent network designs. Without wasting time and resources.

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Semi- automation
Manual design
More accuracy
Minimal hours
Less manual work
Many hours

Why Comsof Fiber?

Make strategic decisions, based on GIS and marketing data.

  • Get reliable figures with the click of a button
  • Select the most interesting regions for deployment
  • Create a stronger business case
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Automate your design process and optimize deployment plans.

  • Design consistent & buildable fiber networks
  • Create any FTTx network design, select any topology
  • Reuse existing equipment & infrastructure

Discover our paper on RDOF Buildouts

In the context of designing planned network buildouts for RDOF funding, an ideal geospatial strategy includes automated network designs, intuitive visualization tools, and electronic data sharing to adjacent stakeholders.

Proven tools such as ESRI’s ArcGIS and the integrated Comsof Fiber software can be powerful allies.

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“Comsof Fiber allows us to define our own design rules. And it automatically generates FTTH designs based on quality GIS data.”

Filip Corveleyn

“We estimated to save 50% of our design time. And reduce costs by 30%.  The result was above expectations.”

Vincent Duros
Suez Consulting

“Today we do everything ourselves with the help of the software. We would estimate cost savings to be around the 25 percent mark.”

Al Schroeder
ALLO Communications


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