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COMSOF simulator

Make strategic decisions, based on GIS and marketing data.

  • Get reliable figures
  • Select the most interesting regions
  • Win valuable time
COMSOF designer

Automate your design process and optimize deployment plans.

  • Automate and optimize your designs
  • Reuse existing infrastructure
  • Design any FTTx Network
COMSOF engineer

Automatically convert your designs into to-build plans.

  • Make a job pack based on your designs
  • Configure your to-build plans
  • Make last-minute changes

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Comsof Fiber is fiber optic network planning & design automation software. This GIS-based solution helps planners to create fiber designs faster and more accurate, resulting in a higher return on investment. Create a future-proof FTTH network, enrich your coax or copper network with fiber, plan your 5G network with Comsof Fiber.

With over 20 years of experience and more than 100 million homes passed in over 50 countries, we are proud to be the most used fiber planning & design software in the world.

Build your Business Case

with Comsof Fiber Simulator

Build your business case, based on geographical and marketing data.
Compare different design scenarios, and generate a detailed bill of materials for every architecture.
Select the areas that provide the highest return on investment.

compare scenarios with comsof fiber simulator
wil valuable time with comsof fiber

Design Quickly & Accurately

with Comsof Fiber Designer

Don’t waste time drawing lines. Use smart algorithms to make the designs you want.
Reuse existing infrastructure to optimize your network. Make a design for thousands of homes within days.
Without losing accuracy. Without losing control.

FTTx planning clusters
Automate and optimize your designs with comsof fiber designer
Make designs in days, not months

Build your Network

with Comsof Fiber Engineer

Provide the field team with a complete and clear job pack.
Customize your template to your wants and needs, and reuse it for your next projects.
Stay in full control, make last-minute changes to your design so you come up with the network you want.

splice report
Make a job pack based on your comsof fiber designs
Make last minute changes with comsof fiber

Some Classic Comsof Fiber Features

Consider costs of routing, cables, ducts, equipment to minimize investment

Specify costs for different equipment and civil works types.
These costs will influence your designs and bill of materials

Design any Kind of Network

Design a Fiber to the Home or Business network, Fiber to the Cabinet (copper) or Fiber to the Node (coax). Combine Fiber to the Home with a wireless (5G) network

Create a bill of materials with the click of a button

Generate a list of cables, ducts and other equipment needed, including their cost. Generate a bill of materials per area

Adjust routing and equipment whenever

The planner always stays in full control of the project. If wanted, edit routes and equipment after the design automation


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