Software for efficient FTTx network planning and design

Plan and design your FTTx project smarter, faster and with less budget.

Formerly FiberPlanIT

COMSOF simulator

Make strategic decisions, based on GIS and marketing data.

  • Get reliable figures
  • Select the most interesting regions
  • Win valuable time
COMSOF designer

Automate your design process and optimize deployment plans.

  • Automate and optimize your designs
  • Reuse existing infrastructure
  • Make designs in days, not months
COMSOF engineer

Automatically convert your designs into to-build plans.

  • Make a job pack based on your designs
  • Configure your to-build plans
  • Make last-minute changes


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bill of materials comsof fiber simulator

Start off smart

Build your business case, based on geographical and marketing data. Compare different design scenarios, and generate a detailed bill of materials for every architecture. Select the areas that provide the highest return on investment.

Comsof Fiber Design quicky and accurately_WEB

Design quickly and accurately

Don’t waste time drawing lines. Use smart algorithms to make the designs you want. Reuse existing infrastructure to optimise your network. Make a design for thousands of homes within days. Without losing accuracy. Without losing control.

Make last minute changes with comsof fiber

Build your network

Provide the field team with a complete and clear job pack. Customize your template to your wants and needs, and reuse it for your next projects. Stay in full control, make last-minute changes to your design so you come up with the network you want.

Lasse Vesanen
Department Manager Access Planning at Telia
Comsof Fiber makes it possible to quickly see which deployment scenarios are the most interesting in which areas.


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