3-GIS and Comsof close partnership

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3-GIS will leverage Comsof’s automation and optimization engine inside its asset management platform. This alliance will give companies the ability to create constructible designs quickly through automation, while also supporting downstream processes and interdepartmental collaboration.

3-GIS, the leading SaaS provider advancing network management technologies for fiber networks, has signed a strategic agreement to deliver the speed of Comsof network planning software with its 3-GIS network routing and planning tools to help Service Providers realize their network growth goals. Comsof is the provider of Comsof Fiber, the leading FTTx planning and design tool. 3-GIS and Comsof share a common goal of delivering constant innovation to accelerate the deployment of fiber network assets. This new vendor collaboration establishes more of a partnership-type role with Service Provider customers that:

  • Breaks down data silos and streamlines data flow
  • Brings best of breed technologies together
  • Promotes open architecture for downstream applications
  • Reduces burden of procurement multi-vendor management

Both 3-GIS and Comsof are Esri partners. All of this is possible because of the unique combination of algorithms that integrate real world design rules and optimization of network documentation based on GIS data. The FTTx and 5G markets can boost their ROI significantly using GIS data in conjunction with rules-based automation and data connectivity modelling. The agreement creates a solution for the customer that delivers faster results to the customers.

Raf Meersman, CEO of Comsof, stated, “Our 20+ years of experience in the telecom industry taught us how to make powerful partnerships. Talking to the 3-GIS team quickly made clear both companies have a great cultural fit. We promote agility, innovation, and a common ambition to take our clients to the next levels of automation. We are convinced that our integrated solution will benefit our current and future clients.”

“At 3-GIS we’re always looking for ways to solve time-consuming and challenging problems through our large investment in internal R&D. There are occasions when it makes sense to couple those R&D efforts with solutions from others in the industry who have distinguished themselves as leaders in their respective space,” says Dustin Sutton, President 3-GIS. “This is one of those opportunities as 3-GIS | Network Express will leverage Comsof’s powerful automation and optimization engine inside our industry-leading asset management platform. This alliance will give companies the ability to create constructible designs quickly through automation while also supporting downstream processes and interdepartmental collaboration. Ultimately, Network Express will not only help companies design networks faster, but build networks faster and more cost-effectively.”

About 3-GIS, LLC

Since 2006, 3-GIS has been helping the telecom industry achieve better results. The company is headquartered in Decatur, Alabama, USA with sales and support offices in Bern, Switzerland and Tampa, FL. 3-GIS offers software as a service solutions and network design services. 3-GIS solves the problems of the telecommunications industry for managing physical network assets by bringing automation, data flow-through, and digital modeling with network management software as a web-based service. The 3-GIS solution goes beyond understanding where network assets are located, but also helps our customers realize how those physical assets work together. The company’s network management applications provide asset management value at every stage in the life-of-network.

About Comsof

Comsof is the creator of Comsof Fiber. This GIS based software automates and optimizes the planning and design stages of fiber optic network deployments. Comsof Fiber is the most used and most trusted tool to plan and design FTTx networks, with projects in over 50 countries and more than 100 million homes designed to build. Save time and capex. Get more reliable results and figures. Create the buildable designs you need with Comsof Fiber.

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