Comsof and SIRADEL partner to facilitate 5G small cells deployments

Resulting in 35% less deployment costs and higher network performance for operators

Comsof, provider of the leading FTTx planning and design tool Comsof Fiber, and SIRADEL, leading provider of wireless network design and smart city planning tools, partner to offer a common solution for 5G small cells deployment. The companies aim to help operators solve new and complex issues when deploying 5G small cells at large scale. Resulting in up to 35% less deployment costs and higher network performance.

As 5G deployment becomes a reality, CSPs and ISPs face new challenges, especially concerning small cells fiber backhaul and small cells selection, based on effective coverage. With 5G moving to ever more bandwidth for end users and new use cases, densification through small cell deployments is crucial. Higher capacity delivered by 5G cells significantly increases the constraints on the backhaul networks (fiber and wireless). Integrating these new constraints from the network inception will allow CSPs and ISPs to design efficient and resilient telecom infrastructure.

The combination of Comsof Fiber and SIRADEL S_5GConnect tools ensure CSPs and ISPs to design an optimal 5G network, which will reduce deployment cost, while achieving network performance targets. The simultaneous management of the fiber backhaul and radio access constraints minimize the infrastructure cost for 5G small cells densification. This added value has been demonstrated on several Fiber to the Antenna (FTTA-5G) scenarios, showing a global gain of up to 35%.

“SIRADEL offers a complete and optimized portfolio for wireless network design. With this partnership and the wireline & wireless 5G convergence, we see a great match between both companies”, says Sylvain Aubin, Infra Network Director at SIRADEL. “We are very excited about this new collaboration and convinced that this innovative solution will help our customers with the emergence of 5G and small cells densification.”

“5G has a wide range of applications, for homes, businesses, schools, farms and so on. But deploying this network at a large scale requires a significant upfront investment. Tackling this problem with the right insights will save millions.” explains Raf Meersman, CEO of Comsof. “That is why our partnership with SIRADEL is so valuable. With SIRADEL’s wireless network design knowledge and our FTTx design knowledge, we can offer operators a much stronger 5G deployment business case.”

About Comsof

Fiber optic networks are indispensable. They are faster, more reliable and essential for future-proofing communication networks. However, for companies planning and designing these networks, it can be difficult and error-prone. Introducing Comsof Fiber. Software that empowers you to build future-proof FTTx networks. Comsof Fiber Simulator helps you make the right strategic decisions. Comsof Fiber Designer automates the design process. And Comsof Fiber Engineer transforms designs into high-quality construction plans. Using Comsof Fiber means up to 90% time-saving and up to 10% cost-saving.

Comsof is the world leader in creating intelligent network planning and design software. With more than 20 years of experience in GIS-based optimization, we have deployed our solutions in over 50 countries.

Our flagship is Comsof Fiber, which has been used to design fiber networks covering more than 70 million homes. Our newest addition is Comsof Heat, planning and design software for district heating networks.

Comsof keeps on investing in innovation. As we aim to become the go-to company for smart planning and design software for future-proof fiber and utility networks.


Expert in propagation modeling with Volcano 5G propagation model and in network design & optimization, with S_5GConnect (5G access and backhaul design tool), SIRADEL has a solid experience in network densification. The advanced Volcano ray tracing capabilities enable massive MIMO modeling to be used for accurate assessment of 5G small cells coverage (fixed and mobility) and S_5GConect automatic sites selection based on the global network performance, guarantee an optimal radio access network.

Siradel produces 3D digital twins of cities, data-driven collaborative platforms with simulations and big data capabilities for smarter infrastructure networks and the improved well-being of inhabitants.

As a subsidiary of the Engie group with references in more than 60 countries, Siradel works with national and local authorities, telecom and mobility operators, utilities, urban planners, to make cities more sustainable and connected but also, resilient and safe.

Our transversal approach enables all city stakeholders to share the same referential of public/private data to design or upgrade infrastructures, and co-construct urban redevelopment projects: connectivity (4G, 5G ready, IoT, WiFi, etc.), public lighting, energy performances or new mobility.