Comsof Fiber is an FTTH leader again

For the fourth year in a row, Comsof Fiber is in the Top 100 Fiber-to-the-Home list. We are proud to be among the FTTH innovators thanks to our years of experience and our state of the art algorithms which can create buildable network designs with amazing speed and precision.

We are starting to love this tradition. For the fourth time in a row, Broadband Communities awarded us with a spot in their prestigious top 100 Fiber-to-the-Home list.

Broadband providers have passed 49.2 million homes with fiber, this is an increase by 17 percent compared to the year before. This is great news for the US and its businesses and inhabitants. But more work is needed, as rural communities for example are far too often left in the dark.

FTTH is vital

In these difficult times of lock downs and home offices, a robust internet connection is indispensable. Fortunately, all layers of government realize this and provide funds for fiber roll-outs in every corner of the country.

We are proud to offer a software which helps to make these roll-outs a reality. The heuristic algorithms of Comsof Fiber create buildable network designs about 90 percent faster than manual design. In addition it helps to build its business case by offering detailed and realistic numbers.

As it says in the article: “To put these pieces together requires firms that finance, plan, design, engineer, construct and install fiber optic networks, as well as those that make equipment for digging, pushing, pulling and attaching fiber.” We are happy to be a valuable first link in this chain.