Comsof to be FTTH Innovator for the 3rd Time

Every year, Broadband Communities Magazine announces its top 100 of leading and most innovative companies in the FTTH industry. And this year is special, as it is our 3th time nominated. Thank you!

Fiber to the Home deployment is at full blast in the US. More and more homes and businesses can enjoy the many benefits of fiber-based broadband services. 39 million homes are passed, 18.6 homes are connected according to a study commissioned by the Fiber Broadband Association.

ftth top 100 2019

Consequently more and more technologies, more and more companies get involved in the broadband race. This is a good thing as competition keeps everyone sharp, it boosts innovation. Which benefits the end-user.

“It’s no wonder the industry is expanding and the number of companies competing for the Top 100 slots continues to grow. That’s great for the country, even if it makes life difficult for the editors who assemble this list”, it says on the BBC Magazine website. And of course, we are honored to be part again of this exclusive selection.

A whole ecosystem

Take a look at the list, and discover the great diversity of companies involved in this ecosystem. It is about financing, planning, design, engineering, construction, installment and maintenance of fiber optic networks. And about the deployers, large or small, rural or urban, public or private who take the risk to roll out these networks.

We are happy to stand side by side with many of our clients on this list.