Discover Comsof Fiber version 20.2

Extended brownfield features, zoom in on input warnings, add data to existing workspaces and more

We are proud to present our latest release of Comsof Fiber. In this version we provided more options for operators wanting to deploy a network in a brownfield area. You will also be able to zoom in on input process warnings. Drawing a ring topology? Comsof Fiber takes care of the branch cables. And include new info in your existing workspace. Discover the new features below.

More options for brownfield deployment

We see that more and more operators tap into existing infrastructure to deploy FTTx networks. That’s why we added more brownfield functionalities to Comsof Fiber. They provide more options and flexibility to the network designers, resulting in more cost-optimized networks:

  • Add existing closures to the design. Specify how closures connect to existing cables and what hardware they are embedded in. Closures provide space for fiber optic cables to be spliced together.
  • You have more control over the placement of new ducts in existing pipes. Select per existing pipe whether you would like to add a new duct or not.
  • Specify the diameter of a cable. The software will take this into account if you have defined a maximum diameter in your input data.
  • Specify which existing cables and structures are connected in the field.

Zoom in on input processing warnings

In our 2019.2 release, we stretched the importance of creating a realistic and buildable design. That is why we created the functionality to pan to calculation warnings. In this version we extended this feature by making it possible to zoom to warnings which the software detects during input processing. Both the QGIS and ArcGIS Pro plugin support this functionality.

Automatic branch cables for manual drawn rings

In our latest release we simplified creating manual drawn rings. You can easily determine which points should be placed on a ring and how the cable should be routed. Now the software can automatically connect branch cables to unconnected points. This means you can focus on drawing the main ring and the software takes care of the branches.

Add data to an existing workspace

Did you gather new information on the area you are creating a design for? Want to know if it will impact your design? We have now made it possible for you to add new data to a specific layer in your workspace. When it is loaded, Comsof Fiber filters out the overlapping features and adds the new data.

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