Discover Comsof Fiber version 20.3

Multiple roll-out phases and routing enhancements

In this latest Comsof Fiber release, we worked on making deployments based on Comsof Fiber network design outputs even cheaper. Learn about the new multiple roll-out phases feature and routing enhancements.

Multiple roll-out phases

This new feature makes it easy to quickly define all different deployment phases and provides an in-depth overview of all costs related to them.

By adding the new ‘polygon’ file to your network design, Comsof Fiber will create different roll-out phases based on this input. It will also foresee the necessary extension equipment needed to connect a previous phase to the next. The equipment per phase can be consulted in the bill of materials.

Routing enhancements

Taking a turn during your network deployment implies an additional cost. Comsof Fiber provides the possibility to define a cost for a turn, based on labor and material expenses. There is also a possibility to define when this cost is applicable. Does this start at a 60 or 30 degree angle for example. These costs will be shown in the bill of materials.

This additional functionality will result in a more optimized design and a lower deployment cost. And the bill of materials will be more accurate and detailed.

Below you can see a before and after example of a network design. The orange lines define the old network, the blue lines are the new design after definition of the costs of turning. As you can see some blue routes are longer, however as there are less turns, deployment will be cheaper.

In addition, we enhanced the software’s handling of parallel existing pipes. The software now also provides the possibility to include a cost when switching parallel pipes at structures. Furthermore, you are now able to assign both valuable and fixed costs to civil works for a specific area or street. Both also resulting in a more cost-effective network.

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