Discover the features of Comsof Fiber 20.1

Discover Comsof Cloud, calculate optical budget, ring design made easier

In Comsof Fiber 20.1 we’ve made it possible to calculate the network’s optical budget. We have also simplified and upgraded the ring creation possibilities. And discover Comsof Cloud, our cloud service, making calculations even faster.

Cloud calculations to boost speed

We have created a cloud calculation engine which allows you to offload calculations from your local machine to our secure cloud servers. This speeds up your project’s calculation time.

You can run any action from the Comsof Fiber plugin on our cloud platform directly from your QGIS or ArcGIS Pro environment. When the calculation is finished, simply download and load it into your project.

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Calculate the optical budget

Comsof Fiber will now automatically calculate the optical budget for all fiber endpoints (buildings, antennas, …). This loss will also be reported at all intermediate locations like dropboxes and cabinets.

In the design rules section of the software, you can configure the attenuation loss introduced by the different equipment types in the network. These types can be fibers, splitters, splices, connectors. The software will use this information to calculate the optical budget.

Manual drawn rings made easier

Use a ring topology to achieve redundancy. This way you avoid a single point of failure in the network. Comsof Fiber supports ring designs: let the software calculate a ring automatically or take full control and draw the ring yourself.

We made a number of upgrades to the manual drawn rings functionality to make it more user-friendly:

  • Draw an input ring as a poly-line connecting all points, instead of drawing separate lines between two consecutive points.

  • Branch off the main ring at any location. Before it was only possible to branch off at intermediate points (such as distribution cabinets on a feeder ring).
  • You no longer need to specify the size of the cable. The software automatically calculates the cheapest cable that provides the capacity needed.
  • Put antenna locations on a ring together with cabinets serving the homes. This supports your network convergence needs.

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