Fiber to the Farm: a whitepaper on building a superfast rural network

Building a strong FTTx business case is not a picnic, let alone building a rural FTTx business case. But there are ways to make it work. And the result might be a futureproof rural network with guaranteed and rising revenue for years to come. In this new whitepaper, we discuss every aspect you need to consider.

Internet service providers have been investing intensively in superfast internet network rollouts in (sub)urban areas. This makes sense, as cost per home connected is limited thanks to high population densities and adoption rates.

However, 20 percent of Americans and 28 percent of Europeans live in remote areas. This is roughly 200 million people. Unfortunately, a large portion of this group is still left with sub-par broadband. One of the main reasons why ISP’s and other utility companies are reluctant to invest in these areas, is the prospect of high investment costs.

High Return on Investment

Yet, the investment might be more beneficial than you might think. As not every ISP is willing to invest in rural deployment, the ones who do will likely be the sole player in this area. This generates a guaranteed and growing revenue stream for decades.

In this white paper you will:

  • Learn about different rural rollout strategies
  • Discover best practices on how to design a rural fiber network
  • Learn to build a rock-solid business case

We also offer additional tips and tricks to minimize costs and strengthen your business case.

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