Webcast – Comparing the FTTH Rollout of Two Network Operators

At the FTTH Conference this year we hosted a panel discussion City Fibre vs Proximus: A comparative story of two network operators and their experience with planning and design. Our guests were Pieter Vissenberg, Head of Fiber at Proximus , John Franklin CTO at CityFibre, and Pablo Rosso COO of FTTx network design partner YUNGO. You can re-watch this not-to-be-missed discussion below.

At the FTTH Conference this year we hosted a panel discussion with two network operators and their experience planning an FTTH rollout. FTTH is a fundamental part of the digital economy that is benefiting from a post-pandemic push towards broadband connectivity around the world. Each FTTH project has a specific context comprised of different variables that greatly influence processes and outcomes. Geography, labour pricing, outsourcing, open access regulations, to name a few, all play a part in defining the guidelines of an FTTH rollout. Two network operators will share their experiences in scaling up FTTH rollouts in a very short time. Proximus, Belgiums’ incumbent, is currently in a 4 million homes connectivity journey. CityFibre, UKs’ largest alternative provider, is aiming for 8 million homes passed in a highly competitive and regulated setting. Comsof and Yungo are supporting the operators with automation tools and professional services in design, engineering, and construction. Together, they will compare main project enablers and barriers, share lessons learned focused on the processes, resources, and tools that help them reach their ambitious roll-out targets. Speakers: Kelly Fournier, Head of Client Acquisition, Comsof Pablo Rosso, COO, Yungo John Franklin, CTO, CityFibre, Pieter Vissenberg, Head of Fibre, Proximus.

Be sure to check our webcast which goes into detail about Proximus’ FTTH rollout on 2 million homes. Watch it here.