Making the perfect to-build plans

After you built your business case and made the optimal designs, your FTTx network is almost ready to be built. The next step is to compose detailed to-build plans for the field teams to construct an error-free network.

The objective of this stage is to create the right and clear reports to maximize deployment speed and minimize errors or uncertainty. So, additional information is crucial to obtain a 360-degree view of your project. Network connectivity, labelling information, duct, cable, fiber specifications and detailed inside plant configurations should all be part of these plans.

Another vital input is the feedback from the field survey to verify the feasibility of the network design. This check avoids expensive mistakes and complexities during the build phase.

Focus on implementation

The to-build plans empower field teams to focus on implementation instead of decision-making. this reduces complexity and saves time.

Designers usually compose these plans by using drawing tools such as AutoCAD. This is however quite time-consuming, error-prone, and a monotonous process. Automated engineering systems can be of use in this phase.

Automated engineering software can be integrated with high-level designing tools. This makes the import process from high-level to low-level designs much faster, easier and less complicated. And without the loss of data.

Make a job pack based on your comsof fiber designs

With these tools, conversion from high-level to low-level design is just a click of a button away. Data such as detailed drop connection, cable/duct-in-duct configuration, connector placement, labelling and fiber and splicing planning are completed automatically.

Make last minute changes with comsof fiber

The software is able to produce ‘to-build’ documentation such as fiber schema plans and reports, fiber optic connection plans, trenching plans etc. while protecting the user’s network rules for the entire network. The software also generates a detailed bill of materials which makes ordering the right equipment a piece of cake.