White paper on FTTH-5G network convergence

How to optimize network designs?

With the introduction of 5G, heavy infrastructure investments are expected. Sharing infrastructure, such as between FTTH and 5G, is the perfect way to minimize costs. Automated planning solutions are able to assist in creating these optimized and buildable networks. This paper explains how to generate up to 22% cost savings, by sharing network infrastructure.

5G, the fifth generation of mobile technology, will reshape the world. Its high speeds, low latency and massive machine type communication capabilities will make services such as smart cities and buildings, virtual reality, e-health, self-driving cars and many others a reality.

FTTH and 5G go hand in hand

Thanks to its large capacity, low latency, high reliability, long lifespan, and sharing capability, fiber is the recommended solution to address 5G aggressive targets.

This is why it makes economic sense build a joint FTTH-5G network to optimize investments.

Complex planning

However combining several technologies and requirements into one network makes the planning stage much more complex.

Therefore we recommend using automated solutions for the network planning, as manual designs will take too long. They are also extremely error prone in this vital first stage.

In this white paper by Comsof and Siradel, you will discover:

  • How this automated solution looks like
  • What its added values are
  • What the possible outcome is in terms of savings

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