New white paper on reusing existing infrastructure in network designs

Last week we attended the very first virtual edition of Connected Britain. As the UK’s telcos and altnets are doing major efforts to roll-out fiber optic networks, they try to cut costs by reusing existing Openreach infrastructure where they can. As this might be quite tricky, in particular during the planning & design stage, we wrote a white paper on the added value of software automation to get the most out of the existing equipment’s potential.

Reusing existing equipment such as PIA in the UK has potential, but adds considerable complexity to the network design.

What about data accuracy? What if the data is inaccurate? What if you start building and the access duct or manhole you wanted to use seems to be full or clogged?

What about availability limits? What if only a limited amount of equipment is still fit to use? How do you combine this with new equipment and civil works?

And what about cost efficiency: Can a mix of using existing infrastructure along with building new infrastructure be cost effective?

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In this white paper we discuss how important it is for network designers to leave the tedious stuff to software, and to focus on the real issues: doing field research: does the data match the reality, and can I connect homes which don’t correspond with my predefined rules?

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