Please Welcome Comsof Fiber Version 2019.2

We are proud to announce the release of Comsof Fiber version 2019.2. It has some interesting new features, such as the possibility to reuse existing fiber cables in your design, to easily adapt cable routes and to quickly pan to calculation warnings.

Comsof Fiber is the most used fiber optic network planning and designs tool on the planet, has improved once again!

Discover some key enhancements below.

Reuse existing fiber cables

Reusing existing equipment is a smart way to reduce the cost of your FTTx network deployment plan. And what if there is also some existing fiber available? Well, now it is possible to include these cables, underground or aerial, in your calculations and designs. This may avoid civil works like trenching or installing new poles.

Adapt cable routes

In our previous software update (2019.1), we made it easier to lock selected cable routes, resulting in software speed improvements and design time savings. Now you can also easily and quickly change a cable route by selecting and deleting the route you want to get rid of. Roughly draw the new route you want Comsof Fiber to take, and the software does the rest.

Pan to calculation warnings

It is important to come up with a network which is as realistic as possible. That is why Comsof Fiber checks all routes, connections, rules to see if everything fits. The software provides an overview of these issues. It is now made a lot easier for QGIS and ArcGIS Pro users to locate them. Simply click on the warning you want to resolve in the ‘Warnings’ panel. The software automatically zooms in to the area where the issue is situated.

Curious about these and other Comsof Fiber 2019.2 improvements?
Contact us, and we will gladly discuss them with you.