Digital TV Cable deploys first FTTH network

Meeting ambitious targets in Bolivia

In brief

  • Digital TV Cable, a broadband operator in Bolivia, wants to build its first FTTH network
  • Its goal is to design for 70,000 homes passed and 30,000 homes connected in a few months
  • The company turned to Comsof for assistance. This resulted in design time saving of at least 70% and more than 95% in material counting

The challenge

Digital TV Cable wants to pass 70,000 homes and connect 30,000 homes in a matter of months. The company knows there is a high demand in the region for gigabit internet. Traditionally it designed broadband networks manually. But with such a vast project, this wouldn’t be feasible.

The solution

Digital TV Cable decided to use Comsof Fiber for its FTTx planning. And like all firsts, it took some getting used to, explains Daniel Guzman, CTO of Digital TV Cable: “Before working with Comsof Fiber, we had little experience with using software for our network design. However, we found the software easy to learn, and we were able to get the necessary support for any issue we had.”

“We’re comfortable with the software. It is intuitive and provides all the features we really need. Features such as the State Manager, which automatically saves and stores previous design iterations, has provided great value to the team.”

While Comsof Fiber is available for use with ESRI ArcGIS and AutoCAD, Digital selected to implement the solution using the open source QGIS software. “We appreciated the ability to work with open source technology as it provided us with the best possible integration and configuration options for our software stack.”

“The ability to work with open source technology, gave us the best possible integration and configuration options for our software stack.”

Daniel Guzman

CTO of Digital TV Cable

The results

70% Design time saving

“Using the Comsof Fiber software, our designers were each able to design 800 to 1000 homes passed within a couple of days. This automated design provided a saving of at least 70% versus the time it took us to design a given area manually.”

95% Material count time saving

“The software enabled us to cut down the time spent on material counting by more than 95%. This process used to be tedious and extremely inaccurate. The time saving is noticeable and very important to us, as we need to deploy our new network as soon as possible.”

Insight & support

“What truly drove our decision to use Comsof Fiber, was the attention the company gave to our project. The team immediately understood our company and provided us with the necessary support to help us grow and create more business opportunities.”


The future

Digital TV Cable is now finalizing the installation of the FTTH network. So far, it has been able to meet its tight deadlines. Comsof Fiber automated and optimised network design software has been instrumental in this achievement. Digital plans to standardise Comsof Fiber for all future network designs. It is looking forward to using the software on its next challenge, an upcoming HFC deployment.

Explained: The State Manager

With the State Manager, a Comsof Fiber Designer feature, you can consult earlier network designs. This makes it easy to compare several designs. And it allows you to see the impact of changes you made to your network design, after conducting a survey for example