GDS creates more consistent designs with Comsof Fiber

...and the software helpes to build a better business case

In brief

  • Lebanon has a complex spatial structure. Every area needs a tailored design to cope with the many variables
  • This makes it difficult for planners to draw the right high-level fiber optic designs
  • Telecom operator GDS uses Comsof Fiber to automate this process

The Challenge

“Before 2017, we produced all designs manually”, explains Rita Abi Moussa. She is responsible for delivering quality design drawings and coordinates with other parties, included in the design process. Rita works at the Lebanese telecom operator GDS.

“This way of working has a major trade-off”, she explains. “The designs are not consistent, as they are created by different planners. Mistakes are easily made. So we need to check every design for errors. If we would find a mistake or inconsistency, we have to start all over again. Which is a major loss of resources.”

The Solution

“GDS wanted to get rid of this hurdle. So after getting to know Comsof at the FTTH Europe Conference, the company decided get ahead of the competition and automate its planning and design process with Comsof Fiber software.”

“I am very satisfied with the Comsof support. Comsof engineers are helpful, resourceful and fast in finding solutions.”
Rita Abi Moussa, GDS

The Results

Build a Better Business Case

“We use Comsof Fiber first of all to build our business case. Which technology will we adopt? Are we opting for a point-to-point or PON network? How can we optimize our investment? We simultaneously execute multiple calculations and compare several scenarios in a fraction of the time to do this manually.”

Generate Consistent Designs

“We need to consider specific rules for different areas. Like following a certain route, or to reuse existing infrastructure. As this can be tricky, automation makes the designs more reliable, more consistent. And faster: it takes a week to create designs for 25,000 homes, delivered and checked. When done manually, this may take up to us six weeks.”

Quality Support

“I am very satisfied with the Comsof support. Comsof engineers are helpful, resourceful and fast in finding a solution or a workaround to any issue we are facing. I want to thank them for their assistance.”

A Helpful Manual

“When I started working at GDS, I had a limited knowledge of GIS data. And I was not a specialist in FTTx planning and design automation. The Comsof Fiber manual and tutorials assisted me to build up the necessary insights. The tools are user-friendly and provide a detailed description of all functionalities.”

Comsof Fiber output GDS

Favorite Features

Multiple rules calculation

This feature allows you to apply a different set of rules – such as different costs, equipment, cable routing – to a sub-area in your network. This makes the design more cost-optimized and realistic.

Avoid Routes

With this feature the software will avoid routes you preferable do not want to use, such as aerial connections or street crossings. Comsof Fiber will only use these routes if no other alternative is available.


“Exporting our designs to tools like Google Maps makes it easy to grasp for non-technical people. It allows them to understand where and what we are deploying. Also the link with AutoCAD and the integration with our inventory tool simplifies our workflow.”