Generating FTTH designs for 280.000 homes

Generating FTTH designs for 280.000 homes in Luxembourg

In brief

  • Post Luxembourg worked with Comsof to perform a detailed cost analysis of the nationwide FTTH deployment
  • In less than 3 weeks, it generated complete geographical FTTH designs for all 280.000 homes in the country using the Comsof Fiber software

The challenge

Luxemburg is one of the first European countries to offer large‐scale fiber‐to‐the‐home connections. Post Luxembourg offers superfast connections to more than half of the nation’s households.

The company used Comsof Fiber to estimate the total cost of a nationwide FTTH network and determine the impact of architectural choices and cost saving measures. It also identified coverage scenarios between 50% and 100%.

In residential FTTH deployment, PON is the most commonly‐used architecture. However, Post Luxembourg deployed a Point‐to‐Point network, connecting two dedicated fibers from the Point‐of‐Presence to every customer.

“Comsof Fiber models are very transparent. They adapt to the needs of individual operators and cost listings match with real life experience.”

Yves Koch
Access network engineer, Post Luxembourg

The results

Saving 5% future costs​

In addition to providing each home with two fiber connections, Post is installing two spare fibers into the first jointing chamber for future services and bandwidth needs. Post has designed a high‐capacity, high‐spare fiber network, which is a huge contrast to standard minimal

spare capacity PON networks. For Luxemburg, Comsof Fiber’s detailed analysis shows that this future‐proof architecture costs only 5% more.

This “small investment now, great value later” tactic is a proven strategy. Since the 90’s, Post has been adding two spare fibers to new copper cable connections. This currently saves 13% in trenching and material costs.

Comparing different coverage levels

Comsof Fiber easily compares the different coverage levels of an FTTH deployment. The software selects the cheapest homes to connect and calculates the complete network design and bill of materials. You can see the cost per home growing as the coverage increases. In this case, for relatively low‐coverage percentages of 50%, this cost stays low, but it grows fast. For a scenario that serves 95% of the customers, the cost per home more than doubles!

Taking civil works costs into account

Civil works have a big impact on total network costs. Especially in densely‐populated areas such as Luxemburg. Comsof Fiber takes these varying costs into account at the finest street‐level granularity in the target area.

Calculating the cost per home quickly and easily

It’s never feasible to cover a large area in one shot due to budget and resource restrictions. Because of this, operators seek to start their FTTH deployment where the demand is high and cost is low. Typically in densely‐populated areas. With Comsof Fiber, operators can quickly and easily calculate the real cost per home, helping them build a strong FTTH business case.