Migrating Finland’s fiber network underground

Making the right decisions with Comsof Fiber

In brief

  • Historically, copper telecom networks in the rural parts of Finland have been deployed above ground using existing electricity network poles
  • Now, the power operator is running a large-scale project to move its network below ground, forcing telecom operator Telia to migrate its own network at the same time
  • Telia uses Comsof Fiber to find the best solution for their customers

The challenge

Lasse Vesanen, Department Manager Access Planning at Telia, Finland explains: “Our main challenge is to act really fast. When the electricity operator decides to proceed with moving its network underground in an area, we need to figure out how we will migrate our customers. Whether it’s to mobile or to fiber below ground.”

“So we need to accurately estimate the cost of FTTH deployment. And this can vary a lot from area to area, with trenching costs being the decisive factor. Also note that after the electricity network move, trenching won’t be possible for a long time. So we have to be pretty sure we’re making the right decision.”

The solution

Keypro, the supplier of our network information management system KeyCom, introduced us to Comsof. They suggested that by using Comsof Fiber we could significantly improve our cost calculation process.”

“Comsof Fiber makes it possible to quickly see which deployment scenarios are the most interesting in which areas.”
Lasse Vesanen
Department Manager Access Planning at Telia

The results

Quicker results, more uniformity

“Comsof Fiber significantly accelerates our work, giving us more accurate and reliable results. In addition, we can quickly assess the feasibility of alternative scenarios, such as a mix of mobile and fiber. These insights allow us to find the best solution for both our customers and Telia. Another plus is the greater uniformity among our planners, as they all use the same design rules.”

More confidence

“We used to hire subcontractors to manually calculate the costings for us. Just one of these calculations took them two days on average. But now we can do this ourselves in a couple of hours. And just as important, it gives us confidence that we’re always making the right decisions.”