Opticable extends business with Comsof software

In brief

  • Opticable is a manufacturer of fiber optic cables. It manufactures its products in Belgium. They are used all over the world in various industrial applications, infrastructures, and buildings
  • The company has grown significantly over the past few years. It enriched its product portfolio with network design services
  • Thanks to Comsof Fiber, the company develops accurate, cost-efficient network designs

The challenge

One of Opticable’s main market segments is the telecom industry, which has evolved significantly over the past decade. Since the market’s liberalization, competition increased fiercely. This urged telecom operators to pay more attention to customer service, leaving less time for detailed network designs.

Opticable seized this opportunity to extend its activities with design services. “It wasn’t even such a big step”, explains Réal Helvenstein, General Manager at Opticable. “We have in-depth knowledge of the main network components and engineering rules to conceive a telecom network. What we needed was the tool to transfer this knowledge into practical network designs.”

The solution

After having explored the market for design tools, Opticable opted for Comsof Fiber as it stood out from the crowd, explains Réal Helvenstein. “Especially for its capacity to calculate the most economical fiber-to-the-home design with the lowest deployment costs. This opened a window of opportunities for us.”

“With Comsof Fiber, we can translate our product and engineering knowledge in a cost-efficient design.”

Réal Helvenstein
General Manager at Opticable

The results

Customised design, 95% cost accuracy

“Our Comsof Fiber cost projections are up to 95% accurate. This is because the tool is developed by engineers with many years of experience in the telecom sector. They know the major cost contributors. This background enables them to produce very accurate cost algorithms.”

Minimising the total cost of ownership

“Thanks to Comsof Fiber we can present practical designs based on telecom operator’s business cases. The tool allows perfect customization to any specific situation and enables us to minimize the total cost of ownership of the entire network.”

Comparison tool

The tool proves to be a major asset during contract negotiations between Opticable and telecom operators. For example, Comsof Fiber can compare the total cost of ownership of a specific network design when using Opticable products or those of a competitor. “We produce high-quality, long-lasting products. However, you need concrete facts and figures to convince the end-customer. That’s what Comsof Fiber can give us.”


The future

Because of this accuracy, Opticable is currently investigating the potential of extending its service offering to installers. “Comsof Fiber can help us to assist installers in presenting more accurate quotations to telecom operators. Currently, quotations are often based on sample calculations for a limited number of sample areas. Hence, the quotation price and the actual cost of building the network can show large differences. Especially for extended projects”, illustrates Réal Helvenstein.

“Thanks to Comsof Fiber we don’t only help installers improve their quotation. We can also offer them the facts and figures to build up their case. In this way, we help them strengthen their position during negotiations with the customer.”