Training young engineers with Comsof Fiber

In brief

  • Yungo is a young European engineering firm focusing on innovative market analysis and FTTx network design solutions
  • Its purpose is to make the telecom engineering industry more efficient by means of precise geodata analysis and automation of work processes
  • At a very early stage, the firm began collaborating with Comsof to pursue the goal of reforming the industry with a more effective, data driven approach

The challenge

“At Yungo, we help telecom network providers and construction companies with analyzing and designing a fiber-to-the-x network for their customers”, explains Erik Bouwes Bavinck, Managing Director. “When we started, we realized a lot of progress can be made, as many companies still use the time-consuming and tricky way of drawing and calculating these designs manually.”

“Moreover, it’s not easy to find people with the right telecommunications engineering skills for executing this hefty task. Large numbers of experienced engineers will retire in the coming years. And with an increasing demand caused by massive broadband rollout, it’s apparent that soon there will be a shortage. So the sector is due for a fresh approach, and tools to train young engineers.”

The solution

“We were in the early start-up stage of Yungo when we began to look for tools to support our process. After we came across Comsof Fiber via one of its clients, we quickly realized it’s a stable company with references from around the world. We compared Comsof Fiber with other solutions and concluded that it’s the most sustainable software.”

“When we met Raf and Paul, CEO and chairman of Comsof Fiber’s owner Comsof, we decided to partner up with the company, as we share the same values. And they also have the optimistic attitude we were looking for.”

Raf Meersman, CEO of Comsof: “Yungo has a similar mindset as Comsof. Both our companies are full of young, intelligent people, willing to learn. Training young people means a fast learning curve and they keep on evolving, and learning quickly, which is useful for future projects. The combination of Yungo’s experience in the telco business and the speed and user-friendliness of Comsof Fiber was a great match as well. So, our cooperation quickly evolved into a strong partnership.”

“If we have the required data, we can deliver network designs to the customer in about 2 to 3 days. Which would be impossible if we had to compile the designs manually.”

Erik Bouwes Bavinck
Managing Director of Yungo

The results

An asset to win tenders

Comsof Fiber is a valuable tool in helping us to provide an accurate cost estimation of a fiber network. The program can also display a visual design of the network. These are 2 valuable assets for our clients to win a tender.”

Quicker results, more reliable data

“If we have the required data, we can deliver network designs to the customer in about 2 to 3 days. Which would be impossible if we had to compile the designs manually. Next to this, the software can consistently and automatically migrate all data from the high-level design in Comsof Fiber Designer to the low-level design in Comsof Fiber Engineer. Normally this process is a huge waste of time and error-prone. Now we don’t have to enter data, which is a huge time saver. As a result, data are more reliable, and we can speed up the time to market, which is another asset to our customers.”

Finding the optimal design​

“Changes to the designs are easily implemented which enables us to search for the optimal design with our customers in iteration.”

“In conclusion, we’re more competitive because of Comsof Fiber. Our customers save money since they need less engineering expertise inhouse.”