Join the Comsof Fiber
Certification Program

With this program you can earn a certificate which proves you are highly skilled at working with the most advanced fiber optic planning & design software out there. Prove your expertise to employers and your peers.

How it works

Are you a fiber optic network planner or designer, willing to take the next step and improve and speed up your work? As a certified Comsof Fiber Designer user, you will be able to design FTTx networks faster and more efficiently using the most powerful FTTx network planning & design tool available.

Some things you will learn during the training:

  • Configure your network architecture
  • Create network designs
  • Manually adapt your designs

The Exam

After this training, which will take 3.5 days, you will have the opportunity to take an exam.

This will take a half day. If passed, it will prove you are a skilled Comsof Fiber user.

The Venue

The training will be organized online or in our offices in Ghent, Belgium or Toronto, Canada.

It can also be organized onsite on request. However, in order to guarantee the quality of the test, it is not available online.

The Quality

Quality is key at this training. That is why we guarantee at least one experienced Comsof trainer per five trainees.

This allows for 1-to-1 assistance at all times during the course.


The training includes:

  • 3.5 days of training
  • 0.5 day certification exam
  • 4 lunches
  • 1 group dinner in the historic city center of Ghent
  • Coffee, tea, soda and water during the training

This does not include travel expenses. We can provide travel recommendations.

Upon successful completion of the exam you will receive an official Certified Comsof Fiber Designer certificate which you can add to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

What’s in it for you and your company?

Boost your Career

Put yourself on the fast track for a promotion. This training proves you are a skilled FTTx designer, which means you are ready to take on any project.

Beat the Competition

Comsof Fiber is an extremely powerful tool. With vast options to design optimized and realistic FTTx networks. Get the most out of our software with this training.

These partners have already successfully passed our certification program.

Prepare for success

In order to ensure a high quality, this training requires a basic knowledge of GIS data and fiber optic design principles.

Know your way
around GIS data

Be skilled in handling GIS data before attending this training. Competences such as visualizing features, editing attributes and manipulating geometries are the absolute basics to be able to participate.

In order to prepare yourself, you can start with the QGIS tutorials, or the ESRI tutorials if you are an ArcGIS user. We will provide more recourses after registration for this training.

Fiber to the home

Familiarize yourself with fiber networks

Have basic understanding of the outside plant elements which make a fiber optic network. Fiber strands, cables, ducts, splitters, splicing closures and cabinets should all be familiar terms. You need to be able to reason about fiber networks in terms of drop, distribution and feeder layers, and have an understanding of optical budgets and network architectures.

A good place to start is the FTTH Handbook, published by the FTTH Council Europe.

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