The Comsof Fiber Ecosystem

Comsof Fiber collaborates with over 20 partners worldwide

The Comsof Fiber story is one of adapting to the rich variety of telecom ecosystems worldwide. Integration is in our DNA. That is why we are specialized in compatibility with other tools and platforms to provide the optimal solution for all operators.

Our main partners include:

Certified design partners

These partners have been thoroughly trained in how to make optimal use of the Comsof Fiber capabilities. They know all ins and outs of the vast possibilities to create optimized and buildable fiber network designs.

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Inventory systems and GIS platforms

We work closely together with the world leading inventory systems, GIS platforms and other integration partners. This is how we create a smooth flow between the planning and design stage and all other fiber network deployment phases.

Technology partners

The entire end-to-end process to create a fiber optic network requires a huge amount of data and knowledge. We collaborate with companies specialized in every step of the way. Such as demand aggregation, GIS data gathering and visualization, field surveys, 5G wireless propagation models and construction management. We are happy to provide advice in your search for the right solution.

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