What is Comsof Fiber?

Comsof Fiber is an FTTx planning and design software, which has been used to design fiber networks across the globe, covering more than 100 million homes in over 50 countries.

Make strategic decisions based on GIS and marketing data, automate your design process, and optimise your deployment plans.

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Automate and Optimise your Designs with Comsof Fiber

  • Create the fiber optic network designs you want with the click of a button and with a great amount of detail
  • Change equipment location after the design automation. As many times as you like
  • No need to draw lines. No need to make compromises. Get buildable designs

Create Network Designs on your own Terms

  • Create consistent network designs, considering your pre-defined rules
  • Minimize costs, reuse infrastructure such as existing poles, ducts, cabinets, manholes, fibers
  • Keep control over the high-level network designs

Find the Low-Hanging Fruit

  • Get realistic revenue and cost predictions per neighborhood
  • Select from the numerous possible technologies and components for a perfect simulation
  • Compare and identify the areas with the highest return on investment

Get Reliable Figures

  • Compile a detailed bill of materials, based on geographic and marketing data
  • Generate a geographical network preview for all your simulations
  • Make an informed decision based on these figures

Build a Strong Business Case

  • Slash planning time by up to 90%
  • Create accurate high-level simulations
  • Provide accurate forecasts for budget and materials