Comsof Fiber Designer

Automate your design process and optimize deployment plans.

Automate and optimize your designs

The state-of-the-art algorithms of Comsof Fiber help you make the FTTx designs you want. Got a design in mind? With our highly customizable tool, you can create the design exactly as you want. Without drawing lines. Without having to make compromises. Without wasting time.

Reuse existing infrastructure with comsof fiber designer
Automate and optimize your designs with comsof fiber designer

Reuse existing infrastructure

A smart way to minimize your network deployment cost, is to reuse infrastructure such as existing poles and ducts. Take them into account when you design your network. Find the optimal combination of new and existing infrastructure, and save more money and time.

Make designs in days, not months

Up to 90% less design time. That is what Comsof Fiber can offer. Make designs for thousands of homes within days. Spend more time on winning projects, growing your business, serving your customers. And leave the tedious work to our software.

Make designs in days, not months
Filip Corveleyn
Proximus Domain Manager Physical Layer and FTTH Engineering
Comsof Fiber allows us to define our own design rules. And it automatically generates FTTH designs based on quality GIS data.