Design your Fiber Optic Network Quickly & Accurately

with Comsof Fiber Designer

COMSOF designer
  • Automate and optimize your designs
  • Reuse existing infrastructure
  • Create any FTTx Network

Automate & Optimize your Designs

Create the fiber optic networks you want with the click of a button.
If wanted, change equipment location after the design automation. As many times as you like.
No need to draw lines. No need to make compromises. Stop wasting time.

Reuse Existing Infrastructure

Minimize costs, reuse infrastructure such as existing poles, ducts, cabinets, manholes.
Find the optimal combination of new and existing infrastructure. Save more money & time.

reuse existing fiber optic infrastructure

Create any FTTx Design

Create a Fiber to the Home network. Or upgrade your copper or coax network to a Fiber to the Cabinet or Fiber to the Node network. Prepare for the future and combine your fiber optic network with 5G infrastructure. Create a PON or point-to-point network. Or combine these technologies.

Automate and optimize your designs with comsof fiber designer

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Comsof Fiber is FTTx planning and design software, which has been used to design fiber networks covering more than 100 million homes in over 50 countries.

Make strategic decisions, based on GIS and marketing data, automate your design process and optimize deployment plans.


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Filip Corveleyn
Proximus Domain Manager Physical Layer and FTTH Engineering
Comsof Fiber allows us to define our own design rules. And it automatically generates FTTH designs based on quality GIS data.