Comsof Fiber Engineer

Automatically convert your designs into to-build plans.

Make a job pack based on your designs

Comsof Fiber Engineer automatically creates plots, maps, diagrams and reports of the whole network, based on your designs. This is everything you need to give instructions on how to build the fiber network.

Make a job pack based on your comsof fiber designs
splice report

Configure your to-build plans

Using Comsof Fiber means staying in full control. That is why you can configure the job pack template as you see fit. Right down to the smallest details. A clear and uniform plan makes it easy for the field team to meet your requirements. Setup your template once and reuse it for your next projects.

Make last-minute changes

It is vital to be able to deploy the designs you want, based on the most recent information. With Comsof Fiber Engineer, you can make last-minute changes to your design. The software considers these changes when it creates its reports.

Make last minute changes with comsof fiber
Erik Bouwes Bavinck
Managing Director of Yungo
The software can consistently and automatically migrate all data from the high-level design in Comsof Fiber Designer to the low-level design in Comsof Fiber Engineer. Normally this process is a huge waste of time and error-prone. Now we don’t have to enter data, which is a huge time saver.