Comsof Fiber Simulator

Make strategic decisions, based on GIS and marketing data.

Get reliable figures

Use Comsof Fiber Simulator to compile a detailed bill of materials, based on geographic and marketing data. For each simulation, this tool automatically generates an accurate bill of materials and a geographical network preview. Make an informed decision based on these figures.

bill of materials comsof fiber simulator
compare scenarios with comsof fiber simulator

Select the most interesting regions

Comsof Fiber provides realistic revenue and cost predictions per neighbourhood. Select from the numerous possible technologies and components to make a realistic overview. Compare and identify the areas with the highest profit in the shortest timespan.

Win valuable time

“The key advantage of Comsof Fiber Simulator is the short time it takes to complete simulations”, a Comsof client said in one of our case studies. Comsof Fiber is proud to slash planning time with up to 90%, while providing a strong business case.

wil valuable time with comsof fiber
David Renehan
Principal Access Network Strategist at eir
Calculating FTTH deployment costs with traditional methods could have taken months. With Comsof Fiber Simulator, it took us a week.