Software for efficient district heating network planning

Speed up your district heating planning and design process

Comsof Heat is GIS-based district heating and cooling software which automates and speeds up the planning and design process. It uses intelligent algorithms for automated clustering and routing of a district heating network.

  • Build a strong business case with the right numbers
  • Create high-level masterplans for multiple areas
  • Select the most interesting customers and areas for a maximal return on investment

Why Comsof Heat?

Planning and designing a district heating network is complex and time consuming. But it is essential, since deployment is expensive, and disruptive to the local community.

It is crucial to first do a feasibility study to get the right numbers, and to compare multiple designs to decide which areas are the most valuable.

Comsof Heat dimensions the network pipe system. The technical parameters such as temperature settings, pressure levels, pipe parameters and the cost of each network component can all be modified.

When all is set and calculated, assess the results on an area map. In the bill of materials, provided in Excel, Comsof Heat offers an overview of all pipe system lengths and network deployment costs.

Comsof Heat is available as plug-in for GIS applications and is compatible with Google Earth and Google Street View.

Build your Business Case

Build a strong district heating business cases by comparing multiple scenarios

Create high-level masterplans for large areas

Discover the most interesting customers and areas without exceeding the source capacity

Gain Valuable Insights

Get detailed insights in your network design, capital cost and material need

Generate considerably more reliable capital cost figures than with manual calculations, for only a fraction of the invested labor hours.

Save Time & Money

Bring realistic network design capabilities to your project at a high speed.

Increase estimation accuracy and save time.

Our goal is to support the end-to-end design of your district heating network.

Comsof Heat Promises

Accurate Figures

Generate detailed deployment cost insights. Reliable numbers that strengthen your business case and minimize risks.


Quick Results

Quickly create multiple design scenarios and realize huge time savings with our easy-to-use software.


Stay in full control over your project. Our tools empower you to produce results at your own pace, with your own design rules.


Professional Support

When you’re in need of help, we will find a solution together. Our world-class engineers have experience with more than 200 projects.

Over Morgen
Rob Geldhof
Energy consultant at Over Morgen
With the automated GIS-analysis of Comsof Heat, we get quick and affordable insights in network design, capital cost and material need


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