Visualize your District Heating Network Plans

Make your district heating network plans & designs come to life. Create detailed feasibility studies. Find the right roll-out scenario.

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The Comsof Heat Value

Comsof Heat is GIS-based district heating planning & design software. It uses intelligent algorithms to create a clear visualization of your network plan.

  • Build and speed up feasibility studies 
  • Create high-level masterplans for multiple areas
  • Go into more detail and optimize your plans

Make your District Heating Network Plans a Reality

Deploying a district heating network is complex and expensive. It is crucial to do a feasibility study and to create clear visuals of what this network might look like.

Comsof Heat is GIS-based software which produces detailed area maps of roll-out scenarios. In the bill of materials Comsof Heat offers an overview of variables such as equipment requirements, and a breakdown of deployment costs.

What our clients say

Comparing Network Design Solutions

Deploying a district heating network is expensive and disruptive. With manual planning and basic computer software it is easy to make expensive mistakes. We believe that automation software is the solution. With Comsof Heat you are sure of clear and workable network designs accompanied by the right numbers.

Semi- automation
Manual design
More accuracy
Minimal manhours
Less manual work
Many manhours

Build and Speed up Feasibility Studies

  • Generate more reliable capital cost figures than with manual calculations
  • Get detailed insights in your capital cost and material need with the comprehensive bill of materials
  • Discover potential revenues and pay back time

Visualize your Whole Network

  • Visualize high-level masterplans for large areas in apps like Google Earth
  • Calculate and compare multiple network scenarios in a matter of hours
  • Plan network deployment in several phases, with a separate bill of materials

Optimize your Plans with More Detail

  • Increase estimation accuracy and save more time and costs
  • Dig deeper and find out which buildings yield the most revenue
  • Bring state of the art network design capabilities to your project

The Heat Vision 2030 Project

This is a group of innovative companies that want to show how a thermal network can be quickly and cost-effectively deployed in Glasgow (and other cities) to deliver Net Zero emissions by 2030, setting the benchmark for the methodology of energy masterplanning and full appraisals.

Discover Heat Vision 2030

What we Promise

Accurate Figures

Generate detailed deployment cost insights. Reliable numbers that strengthen your business case and minimize risks.

Clear Insights

Show your network plans to all relevant stakeholders. Compare designs and adapt where needed. Find the optimal network design.

Quick Results

Quickly create multiple design scenarios and realize huge time savings with our easy-to-use software.

Professional Support

When you’re in need of help, we will find a solution together. Our world-class engineers have experience with more than 200 projects.


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