A strong district heating network business case with Comsof Heat

Companies and communities are joining forces in the transition towards sustainable energy supply. As demand for this energy grows, district heating system rollouts are gaining steam. To support this evolution, Comsof releases Comsof Heat. GIS based automated planning and design software for district heating networks. This tool makes it easy to build a solid business case and speed up the planning process.

The way we produce energy is changing. We are abandoning fossil fuels and relying more and more on greener energy solutions. District heating is one of the winners. It’s efficient, clean and there are various sources available.

Face the biggest challenge

But it has a big challenge: deploying a network is a large investment. So it’s key to do your homework before you start: make a comprehensive feasibility study and build a strong business case to minimize risks.

Comsof makes this easy with Comsof Heat, our newest GIS based automated planning and design software for district heating networks. The tool delivers detailed results, it can handle wide areas and compares different scenarios. Resulting in a solid basis for your project and huge research time savings.

Our world-class engineers created Comsof Heat on the foundations of Comsof’s flagship solution Comsof Fiber (formerly FiberPlanIT). This software is the world leader in planning and designing FTTx networks. It has been used in over 200 projects in more than 50 countries.

“District heating is becoming an important part of the energy mix. It’s sustainable and future-proof”, explains Raf Meersman, CEO of Comsof. “We bring realistic network design capabilities to the business case phase. This way we massively increase estimation accuracy *while saving time*, thanks to the automated optimization algorithms. Our goal is to support the end-to-end design of district heating networks.”

Rob Geldhof, energy consultant at Over Morgen, a Dutch consultancy firm: “With the automated GIS-analysis of Comsof Heat, we get quick and affordable insights in network design, capital cost and material need. This software provides considerable more reliable capital cost calculations than manual designs, for only a fraction of the invested labor hours.”