Discover the features of Comsof Heat 2020.3

Multiple heat source networks, increased calculation accuracy and speed

The past few months we have been working on a new version of our heating network planning & design software. Among other small enhancements, you are now able to create networks with multiple heat sources, we increased calculation accuracy and we introduced cloud calculations to boost speed.

Network with multiple sources

Comsof Heat version 2020.3 offers the possibility to plan and design district heating network with multiple heat sources. Optimize the network to either maximize carbon reduction, minimize capital expenditure, minimal operational costs or find the optimal combination of these three aspects.

In the below visual you can see a network designed with Comsof Heat, containing three different heat sources throughout the city.

More accurate calculations

We increased deployment cost calculation accuracy.

  • We introduced a new cost model for the pipe system,
  • you can define substation unit costs
  • Pipe sizes will be adapted based on estimated heat losses
  • You can now visualize the flow direction in every pipe in the transport layer


Speedy cloud calculations

We have also created a cloud calculation engine which allows you to offload calculations from your local machine to our secure cloud servers. This speeds up your project’s calculation time.

You can run any action from the Comsof Heat plugin on our cloud platform directly from your QGIS environment. When the calculation is finished, simply download and load it into your project.

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Interested in these features?

On 23 November we are organizing a one time webinar where you will discover everything about these new features. Contact us if you are interested.