Webinar: Comsof Heat in the UK – working with local authorities to design and deploy district heating

Join us on February 25th, 11am GMT

District heating network planning tool Comsof Heat has been used for some interesting heating network cases across the UK. In this webinar on February 25th you will discover how the tool helped to find the best business case for these projects. Join us!

You are kindly invited to join our next webinar on February 25thComsof Heat in the U.K.- working with local authorities to design and deploy district heating.

Does your town or city have the potential for a large-scale zero carbon heat network? 

Before embarking on the master planning and feasibility stages, consider a cost-effective GIS-based software that leverages technical detail and expertise with the computational power to study many scenarios, quickly and in greater detail than ever before. 

With Comsof Heat all decision makers and advisers can share ideas and have meaningful technical input when developing the ideal techno-economic scenario. 

 We hope to welcoming you at our webinar on February 25th, 11am GMT.

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