White paper: A heat network map for Chelmsford in 4 meetings

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The city of Chelmsford wants to determine whether a heat network is a potentially useful solution to combat climate change. It used Comsof Heat to investigate questions such as which zones would be desirable and potentially feasible? Which buildings and which mix of buildings can be connected? And what are the ballpark costs relating to the capital expenditure?

Chelmsford City Council (CCC) has declared a climate and ecological emergency and a 2030 carbon neutral ambition and is at the beginning of the journey to realising that goal.

Energy Hub East and Michelle Wright, the Energy and Contracts Manager at CCC, approached Comsof and the Heat Vision 2030 group of companies with the suggestion that we apply our approach to assess the potential for a heat network for the city centre of Chelmsford.

The goal was to produce a credible and tangible vision that could be shared with colleagues and decision makers from within CCC.

We set out to demonstrate how, through a collaborative approach, the Comsof Heat network route mapping and design tool could do just this.

Interested in the results?

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