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Plan, design and engineer
FTTx networks

Are you in for a challenging FTTx enterprise? With FiberPlanIT, Comsof’s unique and flexible FTTx software platform, we give you the tools you need. Powered by GIS data, FiberPlanIT enables you to define and finetune your FTTx strategy and to swiftly design and engineer the network exactly how you want it. FiberplanIT allows you to take ownership of the whole process, from developing your business case to creating the roll-out plans.



Plan and design
district energy networks

District energy networks, also known as district heating and cooling networks, will be essential in the current energy transition. Comsof’s DistrictEnergyPlanIT platform supports network operators through all the network development stages. It improves decision-making, accelerates planning and design, and optimizes costs.

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