Groundbreaking network planning solutions

Comsof’s R&D program aims to bring the groundbreaking automation and optimisation power of Comsof Fiber to the planning and design of other utility networks. Current R&D projects include the development of solutions for power grids and smart grids.

Call for industry partners

Comsof is inviting network developers, engineering firms and consultancy firms to join us as partners to co-create these new planning and design tools. The aim is to make use of expert knowledge in the field and to collaborate on finetuning the conceptual framework and the technical details based on real-life use cases. Developments will be tested later in a proof of concept.


Efficient smart grid communication network planning

GIS based software to plan and design smart grid communication networks.


Efficient district energy network planning

GIS based software for automated and optimized planning, and design of electrical distribution grids.

post lux
Yves Koch
Access network engineer at Post Luxembourg
Comsof Fiber models are very transparent. They adapt to the needs of individual operators and cost listings match with real life experience.

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