Powered by GIS data, the system supports distribution grid operators in the development of power systems. It supports:

  • High-level design and feasibility studies
  • Cost/performance evaluation of deployment
  • Low voltage grid design with cost optimization

The ambitions of Comsof

Comsof Power aims to improve power grid development in various ways

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Accelerating the planning process

Automatically generate communication network proposals mapped onto the existing power grid and existing and future power generation units and consumer nodes

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Define multiple deployment scenarios and compare investment and operating costs

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Accelerating the design process

Automatic dimensioning and bill of materials calculation

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Optimizing costs

Cost-optimize detailed designs

Call for industry partners

Comsof is inviting distribution grid operators and engineering firms to join us as strategic partners to co-create this innovative new planning tool. The aim is to make use of expert knowledge in the field and to collaborate on finetuning the conceptual framework and the technical details based on real-life use cases. Developments will be tested later in a proof of concept.

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