Smart Metering Communications Network Planning made easy

with Comsof Smart Grids

Comsof is proud to launch its latest automation software. Comsof Smart Grids is planning & design software for smart meter communication networks. Its algorithms assist engineers in generating cost-optimized smart metering communications network designs in a faster and more efficient way than manual planning.

Smart meter communication networks are essential to improve energy efficiency and maximize reliability of the energy supply chain. The beta version of the software is introducing a methodology to automate Broadband over Power Line (BPL) network design. The BPL technology enables utility companies to use their power grid to collect smart metering data. Other technologies are on the roadmap.

The planning and design phase of these grids requires time, budget and know-how. It is a matter of speeding up, optimizing infrastructure placement and comparing deployment scenarios. This is possible and easy with Comsof Smart Grids.

World-class algorithms 

Comsof Smart Grids is underpinned by state of the art algorithms which are derived from other Comsof planning & design automation tools such as Comsof Fiber and Comsof Heat. These tools are being used worldwide by telecom operators, utility companies, consultancy and engineering firms. The algorithms have been developed for over 20 years, making Comsof the absolute world expert in planning & design automation.

A new way of working

Comsof Smart Grids shifts the way smart meter communication network designs are created. Before this software, planners and designers needed to make manual designs and use Excel files for cost calculation. These techniques are error-prone, not optimized and take a long time. Comsof Smart Grids helps planners and designers to work more quickly and accurately. Resulting in huge time savings and a cost-effective network.